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The Sherriff will still be in town

In the second surprising move of the day, the Avalanche have announced that they've re-signed UFA-to-be Scott Parker to a 1-year deal. Just 5 days ago, I called the Sherriff "an unlikely candidate to return" and added that he "may be lucky to find any NHL employment". Obviously, I have my finger on the pulse of the team.

Is it just me, or do the Avs seem to be stocking up on 4th line forwards? We've got Guite and Lappy. We've got Parker. We're probably going to see McLeod and McCormick back, and we've aquired Marty Sertich and Matt Hendricks. Weren't we supposed to be getting ready for the Granato Era (Part II) by moving towards players with a bit more skill? We're bringing back guys like Parker and losing guys like Brad Richardson and Jaroslav Hlinka. I sure hope there's a plan here...