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More Sakic Panic At The Denver Post


Jim Armstrong adds to the collective doom and gloom at the Denver Post sports desk, posting an article suggesting that Joe Sakic, because he's had every opportunity to announce his return so far---and hasn't---will probably be gone.

Of course, what does he have to back up this assumption?

I don't have any inside information or informed sources.

Oh, so he's just speculating.  Crap, we can do that, and without needing that pesky journalism degree.

He goes on:

Given Sakic's quiet nature, I suspect the Avs' front office doesn't know what he's going to do, either.

What I do know is this: He has had every chance to tell the world that he's going to return next season, but hasn't done it. That has a whole lot of people thinking he's going to walk away.

There's one thing to be quiet around the media and generally reserved in your demeanor with other people.  It's another thing entirely to keep your long-time employer in the dark about your intentions---especially when you have an agent that does all the talking for you.  Whether or not Sakic is naturally "quiet" has no bearing at all on whether or not he's discussed the future of his career with the people that pay him.

What is he, a shy little kid?

To assume that because local reporters don't know anything means Joe Sakic hasn't spoken to Francois Giguere---either personally or through his agent----is beyond ridiculous. 

It's just as likely that Sakic told the team, "pursue who you want to pursue in free agency, and when you've got your roster nailed down, we'll talk.  If the team looks strong and there's a decent amount of money left over, I'll come back.  If not, I'll call it quits."

Obviously an announcement couldn't come before free agency begins on July 1st if that scenario was true.  And that scenario, considering the silence up to this point, makes a lot more sense than a veteran professional hockey player and leader of a franchise just sitting on his thumbs and refusing to speak to the people who have made him a millionaire many times over during the past 20 years.

Regardless of his ultimate decision, I hope the details of how he reached it and what his discussions with the team entailed come out.  I have a distinct feeling the doom and gloom scenario of silence offered at the Denver Post so far is pretty far from the truth.