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Free Agent Day Thread

[This post will be updated throughout the day with news of signings and trades relevant to the Colorado Avalanche.]

The very first news of today is that Jose Theodore, Andrew Brunette, Jeff Finger and Kurt Sauer will all almost certainly be wearing new uniforms next season, according to Adrian Dater.

As for individual negotiations:

Not such a priority anymore, by the sound of it, is Theodore. The veteran goalie will test the open market, [Avalanche general manager Francois] Giguere said, and he gave little hope a deal with the Avs would be struck.

"It just comes down to trying to reach an agreement, and we couldn't do that," Giguere said. "Anytime you try to sign someone and you don't, it's a disappointment, but we're not going to overpay."

Giguere said Peter Budaj would likely be the No. 1 goalie again entering training camp. Giguere also said Brunette and Sauer would not be re-signed, and that negotiations never went anywhere with them. Giguere did make an effort to sign Finger, however, but couldn't come to terms with the defenseman.

Looks like Giguere is lowballing everybody, including the two players he's already re-signed, John-Michael Liles and Adam Foote, who both could have gotten more money elsewhere.  Hopefully he doesn't get a miserly reputation and hurt future free agent signings.

Updates to come throughout the day.

UPDATE 1 (7:44 AM MDT): Brian Rolston ( a former Avalanche player) was not satisfied with an offer from the Lightning (who had rights to negotiate with him) and will seek other suitors today.  That would conceivably make him a target of the Avs.  Also, how strange would it be if Rolston came back to the Avs while Andrew Brunette returned to the Wild?  Cue the eerie music...

UPDATE 2 (12:07 PM): Andrew Brunette heads back to the Wild, ensuring that he will exact revenge---in one form or another---on the Avalanche for spurning him.  Chalk it up to the Avs always giving their divisional foes the tools with which to beat them (Tanguay, Drury, Brunette, etc.).

UPDATE 3 (12:59 PM): Jose Theodore goes to Washington for an undisclosed two-year deal, meaning Cristobal Huet is apparently up for grabs.  But, he's another former Hab, and the Avs have a soft spot for former Habs.  Also, Kurt Sauer has moved on to Phoenix, signing a long-term, four-year deal.

UPDATE 4 (1:02 PM): It's not bunk after all.  The Avs have announced a contract with Swedish instigator Per Ledin.  Why sign Per Ledin?  Beats the hell out of me.

UPDATE 5 (1:07 PM): The Avs sign goalie Andrew Raycroft to a one-year deal.  Peter Budaj needs a backup now with the departure of Jose Theodore to Washington, so this signing makes sense.  Unless Granato gives Raycroft the starting job...

UPDATE 6 (1:29 PM): Jeff Finger signs a fat four-year deal with the Maple Leafs for an average of 3.5 million a year.  Hot damn.  A huge payday for a guy that broke into the league late in his 20s and had to fight to keep a regular spot in the lineup.  Good work, Jeff.

UPDATE 7 (2:07 PM): The Avs have signed Darcy Tucker to a two-year, 4.5 million dollar contract.  Uh.  That means the Avs now have the following players on their active roster: Ian Laperriere, Scott Parker, Cody McLeod, Per Ledin, Cody McCormick and Tucker.  Is that absolutely necessary?  Two full lines of limited-potential bad boys?  Great.

UPDATE 8 (6:29 PM): No Rolston for the Avs.  He's going back to Jersey with old pal Bobby Holik.