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Wolski re-signs

{{wolski}}, a restricted free agent, has signed. Dater is reporting 2 years at $2.8 million a year. If I understand correctly, Wolski will still be a restricted free agent when the deal is up. It seems a little high to me, but it's not completely outrageous. Matt Cullen is making about the same amount, and he's got 90 points in the last two years (to Wolski's 98). Kyle Calder will be making that this year, and he's junk. Some Henrik Zetterberg guy in Detroit is making that too. Okay, let's just forget I brought it up.

Seriously, it's nice to have Wolski in the fold and I really think next year can be a breakout year for the youngster. To be fair, I thought last year would be a breakout year for him, proving that I am almost never right.