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Try To Stay Awake

Normally people reserve the term "dog days" for the month of August, when the summer heat really intensifies.  But I think right now certainly qualifies, considering how mind-numbingly boring this off-season has become, especially for the Avalanche.

But hey, such is life.  The new season is just over two months away, and in less time than that we'll be seeing rookie camps and training camps and all kinds of fun pre-season preparation.  Plenty of time to figure out how we're going to handle a likely .500 season.

In other news, Ryan Miller has been signed to a big extension with the Sabres, so anyone entertaining fantasies about him minding the Avalanche net will have to find a new object of lust.  What, Peter Delmas isn't good enough for you?

By the way, I promise I'll resume the countdown of the Top 19 Avalanche Players of All Time (see left sidebar for the list so far) this week.  Maybe even tomorrow.