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Your Middle Of The Week Thread

892398759_9dc7bce64f_m_mediumYou know it's the off-season (and a boring one at that), when the Denver Post fails to update their Avalanche page for four straight days.  But the long media blackout is now over, because Adrian Dater has posted an entry at All Things Avs asking the questions I'm sure at least one of us (me) has also wondered: why is Stephane Yelle still unsigned, and why hasn't Francois Giguere made an offer to him?

Yelle was a great two-way center for the Avs and has been similarly strong for the Flames since he joined them in 2002-03.  He doesn't score a lot of goals, but like Dater said, who would you rather have?  Stephane Yelle or Tyler Arnason?

At 34, Yelle still has gas in the tank and can still be a great shutdown guy.  FG, let's bring him back.

Nothing much else going on.  Should have the next Top 19 profile up by this afternoon (finally).  Pretend to care.