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Are the Avs missing the (fashion) boat again?

As you may be aware, I am not a fan of the Avs' new Reebok jerseys. And by not a fan, I mean: I hate them. I think the switch from the classic mountain jerseys to the ugly new uniprons drops the Avalanche from one of the best dressed teams in the NHL to one of the worst.

I certainly won't be buying one of the new monstrosities, but I did have some hope. NHL teams will be reintroducing 3rd jerseys next year. Or, I should say, many NHL teams. Only about 2/3 of the clubs are rumored to be taking part in this latest money grab promotion. What a great opportunity for the Avs - they could bring back the old 3rd jersey I love so much, or even come up with a new design that doesn't completely suck. Unfortunately, there's a list floating around about the rumored new alternates, and the Avs aren't on it. While that could just mean that the Avs have kept news of a 3rd jersey under wraps, my suspicion is that we're doomed (DOOMED!) to another season of having our favorite team dressed like color-blind clowns.