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Wild place Parrish on waivers

According to Mike Russo, the Wild have waived former Avalanche draft pick Mark Parrish. If Parrish clears waivers (he has 3 years remaining at $2.65 million per), the Wild are expected to buy out the 31-year old forward. If that happens, the Wild will be responsible for 2/3 of the remaining money owed to Parrish ($7.95 million * .67 = $5.32 million) which they can spread over twice the number of remaining years of the contract. So, the Wild will be looking at a cap hit of about $888,000 in each of the next 6 seasons. You've got to really want to get rid of a guy to do that.

In case you're thinking about Parrish getting grabbed up by the Avs, don't. Parrish's point totals have declined in 4 of the last 5 seasons and in 9 NHL seasons he's cracked the 50-point barrier just once. I'll pass.