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Dan Hinote Is Doing Okay

Dan Hinote used to play for the Avalanche as a lower-line, two-way forward who could hit and skate with competence, and even helped the Avs win the Cup in 2000-01.  Though he didn't make the list of the Top 19 Avalanche Players Of All Time, he got a couple of nominations and a lot of Colorado fans still regard him highly.

So how's Dan doing these days?  Well, he plays for the Blues now, and is still fulfilling his role as a checking line winger.

Oh, and he just married Amy McCarthy, former Playboy model and sister of the ever-annoying Jenny, also a former Playboy model.  What a great family.

And don't go thinking for a second that the fact that the bride has no problem running around naked in front of cameras would somehow turn the ceremony into anything less than a classy affair.  On the contrary:

The wedding party of 10 groomsmen and 10 bridesmaids wore traditional garb for the ceremony, but the guests were asked to show up in their favorite '50s costumes, which would explain the dead celebs who attended the wedding.

[Fidel] Castro, in full military garb and a fake beard, was among the last guests to arrive, which seemed a bit odd because he had a reserved front-row seat on the bride's side.

Who was that masked man, you ask?  Well, let's do the math.  Uproariously clever costume (right?), front row seats on the bride's side, at a wedding featuring a McCarthy sister.  Hmmm:

Yup, superstar Jim Carrey...

And that's all that had to be said.

Also in attendance: most of the 2000-01 Avalanche roster, including groomsman Peter Forsberg, who apparently is somehow still able to walk, despite suffering repeated ankle and foot explosions, not to mention a twice-torn groin muscle.  I'm convinced he'll be making a cameo in the new Terminator movie as the latest model of robot death machine.

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