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Kick Back And Relax. I Will.

I'm taking the week off, more or less.  No more posts from me because I'd like to have a week or so not thinking about hockey all that much.  The Cubbies are still doing well as the baseball season reaches its mid-point.  I'm getting all my financial aid and scholarship stuff finalized as I prepare to enter law school in August.  The weather is still pretty nice.  Lots going on.

Hopefully Mike and Drafty will contribute their own perspectives on the Avs' free agent moves (or non-moves) at some point.  Also, throughout the week I'll be posting off-season open threads to keep the conversations going.  Also, thanks for keeping the FanPost section humming with some great posts and lots of comments.  That warms my little heart.

If there are any major developments, like a deal for Joe Sakic, I'll chime in.  Otherwise, I'll rest and regroup and get ready to finish out the month with the rest of the Top 19 list as we all mentally prepare for coming season.