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Grades are done

That's it. We've gone from Skrastins to Smyth over the last two months, and now the grades are in for all 32 players to play for the Avalanche in 2007-2008 (except for Tyler Weiman). I took a much more leisurely pace this year, but I still finished before Joe got past #15 on his summer list. For the record, Tyler Arnason's entry was the most commented (21), followed closely by Jordan Leopold (19) with Marek Svatos a distant third (9). I believe the tops last year was Joe Sakic with 6, so I guess traffic is up.

I'll still be plugging away this summer, posting when something interests me. I had some grandiose plans to gussy up the site this summer, but I really haven't done much at all in that department besides turning on the freaky gravatars in the comment section. Oh, I also hosed most of the ads, at least for now. After earning a grand total of 63 cents in ad revenue, I've come to the realization that I'm probably not going to become filthy rich doing this. And that's okay.

In addition to not improving the website, I've also been putting off a couple of other summer projects. I have some really big improvements in mind for the shift charts I started doing last year (and petered out on) and also am aiming to tweak the gamescore metric I started playing with at the beginning of the year (and then abandoned). I do hope to have those ready to unveil by the start of the season, but I kind of need to get cranking. Instead, I've kind of been focusing on getting my flabby butt into shape, with the help of sites like this and this.

So, stay tuned. There should be some improvements coming to the site. Someday. Or something.