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Dater's Recipe For NHL Success

Puck Daddy hit up Drafty's boyfriend for five suggestions on how to improve the NHL as  part of a series Greg Dubs is doing over at his Yahoo hockey empire.

As far as the suggestions go, they're probably some of the best so far, other than Matt Bradley's request to always be on the ice at the same time as his teammate Alex Ovechkin---you know, to improve the game of hockey. 

My personal favorite was Dater's possible sideswipe of Denver Post colleagues Woody Paige and Mark Kiszla:

4. Ban newspaper columnists who never went to a regular-season game from coming to playoff games and making asses of themselves and their papers. True story: I was once asked by a U.S. newspaper columnist, covering his first game of the year, how many "quarters" were in a game.

Of course, I don't know if Paige and Kiszla ever go to regular season games, but I know Paige has a busy television schedule for ESPN and Kiszla rarely writes anything coherent, so the evidence would suggest they're not frequent attendees at The Can.

I think Adrian should create a user account and comment as to who he was specifically referring to.  Otherwise we'll just have to assume he hates his coworkers.  I know most of us do.

ADDENDUM: Oh, and Dater says Sakic coming back is a sure bet.  I'd love to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one, but the name "Tony Granato" keeps popping into my consciousness.  Sorry.