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Is Crawford telling the truth?

(from TSN)

"Just prior to the attack on Moore, Bertuzzi had been on a shift to kill a penalty, had missed the shift change and had remained on the ice for longer than the rest of his line,'' states Crawford's third-party defence.

Assuming this is true (see below), I have a question. What the fuck is Todd Bertuzzi doing killing penalties? I wish I could find some TOI logs for this game, but I'm really curious to hear Crawford's justification for using Bertuzzi in a penalty killing situation. Surely he was just out there for his defense, right Marc? I mean, you used Bertuzzi a TON that year shorthanded - a whopping 4:24, or about 3 seconds a game. What an amazing coincidence that you'd pick that very game to try Bertuzzi on the kill.
"After being directed to get off the ice, Bertuzzi was on his way back to the bench when, suddenly and without warning, he turned around and skated back in the direction of Moore and attacked Moore.

I wish we had longer video. All we have is about 8 seconds before the sucker punch, with Bertuzzi following Moore around in the Vancouver zone. If he was on his way back to the bench before that, it wasn't caught in this video. They did managed to get you smirking on the bench like a horses ass, of course, but that was probably just your complete shock at what your player's "direct disobedience". Right?

EDIT: I found a box score of the game. The sucker punch happened at 8:41. The previous penalty was to Wade Brookbank at 5:19. For Crawford to be correct, Bertuzzi would have been on a PK shift at 7:19 when Brookbank came out of the box, and then stayed on the ice for an additional 1:12 before becoming afflicted with a major case of dumbassitis. The Avs were up 8-2 at this point, so it's possible that Bertuzzi was killing a penalty and it's also possible that he hung around on the ice for a minute and a half to two minutes. I'd still like to see more data...

EDIT#2: The good doctor has found the shift chart for the game and from that you can get the play-by-play and event summary. It looks like Bertuzzi was out for a long shift that did start on the Brookbank penalty. The Bertuzzi "on a shift to kill a penalty" thing is a bit of a stretch, as he had just 6 seconds of SH ice time in the game. There were no stoppages in play from Brookbank's penalty at 5:19 to the fiasco at 8:41, and it looks like Bertuzzi jumped on just as the penalty was expiring. It's also worth noting that Bertuzzi was already on the ice when Moore came on. At any rate, the none of the facts directly contradict what Coach Smirkface has said.