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Left-Wing Blogger Insults The Avalanche

[In honor of the Democratic convention this week (being held in Denver), all MHH posts (other than the Top 19) will feature a tone similar to that of our country's finest asset: political punditry.]

Radical left-wing blogger David Kurtz, of the radical left-wing (and Peabody-winning) site Talking Points Memo, had the audacity to insult the Colorado Avalanche:

We're more or less within walking distance of the convention site, the Pepsi Center, where the NBA's Nuggets play...

The Pepsi Center, of course, is also the home of the Colorado Avalanche, who have won two championships since 1996, while the pathetically mediocre NoGuts have won zero since 1974. 

This is just another clear effort by the radical left latte-drinkers to diminish the brave history of the Avalanche, a hockey team consisting of good, hard-working regular Americans (North Americans), almost all of whom are probably former prisoners of war.  The Nuggets are elitist and naive and lack the experience necessary to be considered a serious professional sports team.  And I heard they bump fists to congratulate each other, which is un-American and probably a jihadist gesture.

ADDENDUM: And it seems Greg Dubs is in cahoots with the extremist leftards:

Obviously, Colorado's chances rest on the respective hearts of Joe Sakic and Peter Forsberg, and some rather questionable goaltending.

Questionable goaltending?  Why does Wyshynski hate Jesus, apple pie and the 1968 Chevy Camaro?