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Democrats Ransack The Pepsi Center

The Democratic party has already stormed into the Pepsi Center for their presidential convention, which begins today.  Unconcerned for the sanctity of the facility, they selfishly wrecked the place just to further their all-about-me, blame-America-first campaign to put some guy named Hussein in the White House.

Here is some photographic evidence of the destruction:


What a disaster.  And it only gets worse from here.



All this chaos and destruction just so they could put up this monstrosity:


Seriously, what the hell is that?  Some kind of float for a San Francisco sodomy rights parade?  Do these people have no shame?


They obviously have no concern for the Avalanche, those heroes in burgundy and blue who have long fought to keep us all free from the tyrannical onslaught of the wretched Calgarians and Edmontonians.  Did you know that Joe Sakic spent five years in a Canadian prison camp?  True story.