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Joe Sakic To Speak During Democratic Convention

Technically, the headline is true.  Terry Frei informs us that Super Joe will indeed hold a press conference of some sort on Thursday (August 28th) at his charity golf tournament at Sanctuary in Sedalia.  The DNC events will not conclude until Obama's speech at Invesco later that evening, so I'm not actually lying, you see?

As for the content of the press conference, it will most likely consist of 1) Sakic (a native Canadian) accepting the Democratic nomination as a candidate for President of the United States and/or 2) absolutely nothing about the status of his hockey career.  Should be exciting.

According to Frei:

His Winnipeg-based agent, Don Baizley, on Monday said Sakic "still is trying to make up his mind."

Much like John McCain, it appears Super Joe's advanced age is starting to wear on his mental faculties.  I wonder if Sakic can still remember how many houses he owns.