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Mats Sundin Is Obviously Going To Join The Avalanche



As Adrian Dater shows us over at All Things Avs, Nordic monstrosity Mats Sundin played golf with Peter Forsberg this past week in Sweden.

Look, photos don't lie, okay?  If Mats Sundin is hanging out with Peter Forsberg, then obviously Foppa is working overtime to recruit him.  It's just a matter of time before we see "Sundin Signed By Avalanche" scrolling across the screen on ESPN (does TSN have a scroll?  Is that legal in Canada?). 

Now that Joe Sakic's secret unrestricted free agency has been revealed by an astute blogger, every team in the league will be chasing him.  The Avs are going to have to replace him somehow, so why not with Sundin?  I'm sure, due to his advancing age and declining skills, that Mats would accept a greatly reduced salary and a spot on the second line.  Right?  I know Joe Sakic would, if he weren't too busy signing with the Ottawa Senators, that is.

Mats Sundin is just days away from signing with Colorado.  I promise.  And remember, you heard it here second.

(Thanks to Drafty at ITCS for the "astute blogger" link.)