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Role Playing Games For Jocks

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I never really got into fantasy sports.  I've started at least a dozen fantasy baseball and/or fantasy hockey teams in my day, only to lose interest and give up on them by the tenth or eleventh game of the season.  Constantly shuffling players and lineups to maximize the number of points earned just seems like work.  Besides, I'd rather just watch the games and appreciate the stats without taking on the stress of running a team without getting paid for it.

But some people freakin' love fantasy sports.  I always thought it was funny that jocks and dudebros (you know the types, mostly from New Jersey) could so easily get into role playing games when they were disguised as sports-related.  You're still nerds, you nerds.

For those of you who are really into fantasy sports, namely fantasy hockey, TSN ran a piece a week or so ago about which players on the Avalanche would be good to draft for your own team.  Obviously, considering injury woes and bad coaching, last year's performances didn't really boost the attractiveness of much of the Avs roster.

But there are still some gems.  Joe Sakic and Peter Paul Stastny are still highly recommended draft picks, and John-Michael Liles still gets some love (ladies...).  Other than that, though, the depth chart is a little slim, at least as far as fantasy stats go.

The fantasy guy at TSN wasn't so hot on the Avalanche goalies, either.  With Budaj still largely untested from a full season perspective (not his fault!), and Raycroft completely melting down last year, neither was recommended as a pick.  Oh well.

I guess Budaj will have to wait until next year to become a fantasy sports darling.

TSN ran this table:


What's everybody think?  Pretty accurate?

Anyway, just thought I'd share the link with everybody, in case you care.