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Bits And Pieces (Of Bone Probably)

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I figured I'd toss out a quick post as the week gets started, just to cover some of the latest developments over the weekend.

First of all, the kids are already looking vulnerable, but don't despair yet.  Paul Stastny left an early scrimmage during training camp with a sore shoulder, but everybody and their mother reports it's just a bruise and he'll be fine.  He's taking it easy to prevent further trouble.  Probably a good plan.

Also, Wojtek Wolski bruised his foot blocking a shot but will be okay.  Marek Svatos is playing but concentrating mostly on the rehab of his knee, which underwent major surgery over the summer.  Many of us know how crappy knee surgery can be, so his slow and steady progression is to be expected.

So the kids are alright, so to speak.  Don't everybody start wetting themselves over this stuff.  Besides, if the injury chaos of last season again descends upon the Avs, let's have a sense of humor about it, okay?  Really, us having heart attacks won't help the Avs recover from blown knees and separated shoulders.

Oh, and not to harp on it, but things aren't going well for Coach Q.  He failed to find a job during the offseason and on Friday night he got picked up for driving under the influence of alcohol.  And that's all I'll say.