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Per Ledin is getting my hopes up

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I have to admit, this Ledin fellow has really piqued my curiosity. The Avs have a brief interview up on their site and there's one passage that really stuck out to me:

Is there maybe a player in the NHL right now you model your game after, or could compare yourself to?
"When I grew up I had two strong models. One was Mikael Renberg; he’s retired right now but he played for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Philadelphia Flyers. The other one is Tomas Holmstrom in Detroit. I looked up to them when I was growing up and took the best parts from how they played. I tried to develop myself to do all those little things and hopefully I can be a good asset for the team."

Tomas Holmstrom? Yes, please, I'll have some of that. In fact, make mine a double.