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Denver Post gets it. Rocky Mountain News...perhaps not so much.

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Today each of our local newspapers wrote articles on Avalanche goaltenders.

The Denver Post with Budaj's time to be No. 1 has arrived.

The RMN with Avalanche's Raycroft puts best foot forward in win.

Ok, it's true that one is a recap of a preseason game and another is a feature article on a player. So it is a bit of apples and oranges here I will admit. However, after the Theodore and Budaj fiasco the last few years I'm hypersensitive to such things. I guess I'm a little puzzled with some of our local media. For example, 104.3 FM 'THE Fan' had an interview with Francois Giguere last Tuesday. They asked him (and I'm paraphrasing), "Wasn't the acquisition of Raycroft a bit of 'hedging your bet' in case Budaj can't handle the load? It's no secret he's a former Calder winner and just two years ago won 37 games." It's not that it's not a relevant question but it's almost as if the sports media in this town is attempting to create a goalie controversy out of whole cloth.

As for the article above, it makes appear like Raycroft stole a game last night.

Morrow scored on the weak side despite Raycroft technically doing the correct thing by pinching the far side of the net with the puck nearby. For the rest of the game, he was flawless.

For the casual reader that wanted to know how the starting goaltender did, here are the facts for you. Each goalie played roughly equal time. Budaj made 17 saves on 18 shots and Raycroftmade 9 saves on 10 shots. In what other town does the backup goaltender get that kind of headline when they come in to a preseason game and don't do anything spectacular? Raycroft faced six shots in his half of the 2nd period and three shots in the final period.

Is Budaj so unpalatable that the local media can't help themselves or are they still suffering from a Roy hangover?