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Keenan Is A Helluva Coach

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Statistically speaking, 2007-08 was one of Alex Tanguay's worst seasons.  After three consecutive point-a-game (or better) showings with the Avalanche and then the Flames, Tanguay had to settle for just 58 points in 78 games last year. 

But don't think for a second it was his fault.

In an interview with the Calgary Sun, Tanguay blames his decreased production on coach Mike Keenan's insistence that he play a defensive role.  Instead of being paired with offensive machine Jerome Iginla, Tangs had to settle for Craig Conroy and Owen Nolan:

"I thought they traded for me from Colorado because I could generate offence", he says with a bitter smile.

"I was in that sort of a situation for the first time in my career, and it was tough. I felt out of place in their system, and that's why I wanted to leave Calgary and I waived the no-exchange clause (in my contract)."

When Keenan took over in Calgary, a lot of people predicted that he would create a mass exodus of talented players unwilling to bend to his will.  To some extent, that has proven true.

Considering that Alex Tanguay isn't the most physical player in the league, but is a gifted playmaker and goal-scorer, he should fit right in on the Montreal lineup.  His numbers should get a big boost, too.  He always struck me as an Eastern Conference kind of player, rather than a scrappy Western trapper.

And let's not forget the real importance of this article: it reminds us that Mike Keenan is a crap coach and the Flames will suck this season.  I feel all warm inside.

(hat tip to Puck Daddy)