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Avalanche Announce Training Camp Schedule And Roster

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The Avs have released their training camp schedule. Rookie camp gets underway a week from Sunday for 27 players young enough to make me feel really damn old. 32 veterans (most of whom are also young enough to make me feel really damn old) will join the kids on Saturday, September 20th. The Burgundy and White game is just around the corner - Monday, Septebmer 22nd.

The Avalanche camp roster can be found here. Note that just two of the defensemen - Adam Foote and Ray Macias - shoot righthanded. On the plus side, none of the goalies catch with the wrong hand.

The jersey numbers are also available. Per Ledin appears to be sticking to his customary #97, which would make him just the 2nd Avalanche to wear a number in the 90s.