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Midseason Report Card: Forwards (Part 1)

With 17 forwards I'm going to have to drag this out even longer split this into two parts. Here's part one:

Tyler Arnason

#39 / Center / Colorado Avalanche



Mar 16, 1979

"Arnason carries into the zone...and it's poke-checked away from him." Repeat as necessary.

2008-2009 1st Half Stats: 40GP 2G 8A 10P
2007-2008 1st Half Stats: 30GP 3G 7A 10P

2008-2009 Projection: 81GP 4G 16A 20P

Grade: D-


Philippe Dupuis

#59 / Center / Colorado Avalanche



Apr 24, 1985

I'm good at making stuff up, but even I can't do much with just 5 games worth of 4th line minutes. He certainly hasn't embarrassed himself in the NHL and I wouldn't mind seeing him get a longer look here.

2008-2009 1st Half Stats: 5GP 0G 0A 0P
2007-2008 1st Half Stats: N/A

2008-2009 Projection: 10GP 0G 0A 0P

Grade: INC

Ben Guite

#28 / Right Forward / Colorado Avalanche



Jul 17, 1978

It's unfortunate that SBN's stock photo doesn't include the rad 'stache. Guite's always been one of my favorites, and not just because his facial hair owns. He doesn't seem to be one of Tony Granato's favorites though, and he seems be just a little less zippy this year (even before the rib injury).

2008-2009 1st Half Stats: 16GP 2G 2A 4PT
2007-2008 1st Half Stats: 38GP 3G 8A 11PT

2008-2009 Projection: 57GP 7G 7A 14PT

Grade: C

Milan Hejduk

#23 / Right Forward / Colorado Avalanche



Feb 14, 1976

Hejduk is on pace for a 60-point season and, of course, was named to the All-Star game for the 3rd time in his career. Along with being a dangerous thread offensively, Hejduk has been responsible defensively and also has a secret feisty streak that comes out every once in a while. My only knock this year would be his streakiness, but that's just Milan being Milan.

2008-2009 1st Half Stats: 41GP 13G 17A 31P
2007-2008 1st Half Stats: 36GP 15G 15A 30P

2008-2009 Projection: 82GP 26GP 34A 60P

Grade: B+

T.J. Hensick

#37 / Center / Colorado Avalanche



Dec 10, 1985

If nothing else, TJ serves as a great reminder that the preseason doesn't mean all that much. Hensick was a pick by many - myself included - to have a breakout year this season. It hasn't happened. He's had some flashes, but there's a lot of "where the hell is TJ?" in between. Granato hasn't exactly showered him with opportunities, but, then again, TJ hasn't done much with what he's been given. You could say that Hensick hasn't always played with the most potent offensive players (hello, Darcy). You could also say that Hensick hasn't yet earned a right to play with the best.

2008-2009 1st Half Stats: 28GP 2G 8A 10P
2007-2008 1st Half Stats: 14GP 1G 2A 3P

2008-2009 Projection: 69GP 5G 20A 25P

Grade: D+

David Jones

#54 / Right Forward / Colorado Avalanche



Aug 10, 1984

Jones is another young player who we thought was going to blow up this year, but so far it's been more fizzle than sizzle. Obviously, he's got great speed and has had some really pretty goals, but he often seems unsure of where to go with the puck. He's a physical guy too (man, so much potential), but also somehow manages to find himself on the receiving end of a lot of big hits.

2008-2009 1st Half Stats: 37GP 6G 4A 10P
2007-2008 1st Half Stats: 2GP 0G 0A 0P

2008-2009 Projection: 78GP 13G 8A 21P

Grade: C

Ian Laperriere

#14 / Right Forward / Colorado Avalanche



Jan 19, 1974

The picture above sums it up pretty well. He goes to battle for you. He's played on the 2nd line, 3rd line and 4th line this year and he's played all three forward positions. He kills penalties, seems to be one of the few guys in the locker room willing to criticism the team when they stink. He led the team in fighting majors in the first half. What else can I say? He's Lappy.

2008-2009 1st Half Stats: 39GP 4G 9A 13P
2007-2008 1st Half Stats: 29GP 3G 8A 11P

2008-2009 Projection: 80GP 8G 18P 26P

Grade: B-

Cody McCormick

#11 / Center / Colorado Avalanche



Apr 18, 1983

McCormick seems to be a good guy off the ice and he's been "okay" on the ice. However, there are some other 4th line type guys playing better, and he may struggle for ice time when he recovers from his foot injury. It doesn't help that Tony Granato tried him at center and he bombed in the faceoff circle (34.3%). It wouldn't shock me to see McCormick moved at the deadline if the Avs think they have too many 4th liners.

2008-2009 1st Half Stats: 25GP 1G 6A 7P
2007-2008 1st Half Stats: 19GP 2G 1A 3P

2008-2009 Projection: 60GP 2G 14A 17P

Grade: C-


Cody McLeod

#55 / Left Forward / Colorado Avalanche



Jun 26, 1984

It's taken me a while, but I've really started to warm up to Cody McLeod. He led the team in hits at the midway point and was 2nd to Lappy in majors. He gets under the skin of opposing players and just generally does the dirty work. And seven goals in the first half isn't anything to sneeze about, although the assists are *ahem* a tad low. McLeod also led the team in minor penalties in the first half, but 18 minors isn't really that bad considering the way he has to play. Like most of the Avs, he's pretty good overall at avoiding stupid penalties.

2008-2009 1st Half Stats: 41GP 7G 0A 7P
2007-2008 1st Half Stats: 8GP 2G 0A 2P

2008-2009 Projection: 82GP 14G 0A 14P

Grade: B-


  • Arnason: D-
  • Dupuis: INC
  • Guite: C
  • Hejduk: B+
  • Hensick: D+
  • Jones: C
  • Laperriere: B-
  • McCormick: C-
  • McLeod: B-