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MHH Member Contribution Weekend


Some of you may have noticed that MHH's usually stalwart contributors have been struck by a severe case of real-life-itis in the last couple of days.  So we're going to open up the floor for some of the great member-driven content the SBNation is known throughout the intrawebs for providing.  So here's your chance to show Joe, DD, and I how it SHOULD be done.  We need some content people!!!

Joe is living on his bro's coach and trying to NOT have embarrassing dreams that would ruin the upholstery, so we need somebody to post a Game Day Preview and Open Thread*.

DD is living it up in sunny Miami this weekend, so we need a volunteer for the Game Recap* for the upcoming game against the Ducks on Saturday. 

I have a TON of stuff going on this weekend, like trimming my fingernails and watching snow melt, so I'm also unavailable for anything that I normally wouldn't contribute to anyway.

OK, here's how this is going to work: Pitch your unique take/theme/format on the GD Preview and Open Thread in a comment below.  I'll pick the best idea and the 'winner' will have carte blanche to get something up by game-time tomorrow.

Similarly, let me know how YOU'D do the recap and I'll select another sucker winner for that chore honor.

Let's have some fun with these people.  I want some fresh ideas, since our own ramblings are likely to be the only thing to sustain us Avalanche faithful through the remainder of the season! In reality, this is no different than what you guys already do, but I'm trying to be positive! You don't have to stick to any format, you don't have to do it the way Joe or DD does it, you can be wacky, you can be weird, etc.


EDIT: Americanario is handling the Preview and Game Day Thread and The Extra Attacker is doing the Post-Game Recap.

*We may need some for the Monday game against the Flame-outs too.  I'll talk to Joe and DD and see who'll be back in the saddle and update this post.