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What's Staying The Same: Avalanche Stats Revisited

The last time we looked at the Avalanche team statistics in comparison to the rest of the NHL, their record for the season was 9-11-0.  Twenty games later, their record is 19-19-1.  So at least they're up to .500.  Unfortunately, that's really the only good news.

Once again I'll run through the major statistical categories.  The first number will be the Avs' score, followed by their league rank in parentheses, followed by the change in position since the last time we looked at these stats in italics.

Point Percentage: .500 (22nd) +5

Goals Per Game: 2.49 (26th) +2

That's up .19 and two positions in the league rankings since Game 21, but it's really not much of an improvement.

Goals Against Per Game: 2.92 (21st) -1

A slight improvement in score, a slight slide in ranking.

Five-on-Five Goals For/Against Ratio: 0.83 (27th) +2

Power Play Percentage: 16.0 (21st) no change

Penalty Kill Percentage: 79.4 (25th) -5

Special teams continue to be a major weakness for the Avalanche.  They haven't improved at all over the last 20 games on the power play, and they've gotten worse on the kill.  Paul Stastny, a very effective penalty killer, hasn't missed that many games yet, so his absence can't be the sole reason the team sucks worse than they did before. 

Shots Per Game: 28.9 (20th) +1

Shots Against Per Game: 28.4 (7th) +1

Almost no change at all from first quarter of the season.  The Avs aren't shooting more, nor are they allowing more shots.

Winning Percentage When Scoring First: .688 (15th) -1

Winning Percentage When Trailing First: .348 (13th) +2

Winning Percentage When Leading After The First Period: .667 (19th) +3

Winning Percentage When Leading After The Second Period: 1.000 (T1st) no change

The Avalanche are still money when leading after the second period.  The problem is they don't lead after the second period often enough.  Consider that a symptom of only really trying for 20-30 minutes a game, instead of putting in a full effort for the entire 60 minutes of regulation.  Sometimes that 20 minute effort comes in the third period, but by then it's far too late.

Winning Percentage When Outshooting Opponents: .400 (29th) no change

The Avs have significantly improved their number here (up from .250), but it's still the second-worst score in the league, just above Anaheim at .375.  This kind of number is indicative of having a reasonably strong offense but a shaky defense.

Winning Percentage When Being Outshot By Opponents: .565 (6th) +1

The good news is that the Avs don't have to panic when being outshot.  They still have a 50-50 chance of winning a game in which the other team peppers their net.  Despite what some may argue, this can be considered an indication of decent goaltending. 

Face Off Win Percentage: 49.2 (21st) no change

Still below 50%, still crappy.

The general trend among all these statistics is that the Avs are not improving as a team.  Granted, they're not really getting worse, even with significant recent personnel losses.  But consistent mediocrity is not really something to celebrate, you know?