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Cumiskey, Dupuis Recalled

Let's just recap the latest injury news:

Adam Foote has an injured triceps and will be revaluated in a couple of days. He is out against Nashville. Daniel Tjarnqvist will probably take his place in the lineup, and Kyle Cumiskey has been recalled as well. UPDATE: Foote has been placed on IR retroactive to Sunday, so he is out at least for the next 3 games (Nashville, Chicago and Pittsburgh).

Ian Laperriere has a stiff back and is "day to day". He's also out against Nashville. Philippe Dupuis has been recalled from Lake Erie, but since Ben Guite is also available (he was a scratch against Minnesota), Dupuis is probably just insurance in case...

...Chris Stewart's sore foot will keep him out. According to the RMN article above, he's expected to play, though.

I haven't seen any mention of the status of Darcy Tucker, who was X-rayed after his deranged outburst against Minnesota. I assume that means he's going to play against the Predators. Hurray for us.

To summarize, sounds like Foote and Lappy out, Tjarmin and Guite in.