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Game 5: Avalanche at Bruins, Preview and Open Thread



Colorado Avalanche
11am MT / 1pm ET
Boston Bruins
2-1-1 October 12, 2009 2-2-0
5 pts
TB Banknorth Garden
4 pts
T-5th in West
Boston, MA
T-7th in East

Happy Columbus Day, everyone. I don't know about you, but I will be celebrating the day by...sitting in my cubicle doing work just like every other day. I'll probably record the game, but I don't know if I'll get a chance to watch it until late Monday. So, don't expect a recap for this one from me (if someone wants to do a post-game wrap-up, I'll front-page it of course).

The Avalanche continue their Original Six tour today in Boston. The Bruins were down 3-0 with 8:01 remaining on Saturday but came back to beat the Islanders 4-3 in a shootout. The Avs also were involved in a 4-3 shootout on Saturday, but were on the losing end (to Chicago). While the Avs' long road trip has been documented already, the Bruins have yet to play on the road; today's game is the final game of a 5-game homestand to start the season. The B's have been, um, a shade inconsistent - they got shelled by Washington and Anaheim, they destroyed Carolina 7-2 and then had that wild comeback agaisnt the Islanders.

As of this writing (on Sunday afternoon), I'm assuming that Craig Anderson will get his 5th straight start for the Avs. After three starts by Tim Thomas, Tuukka Rask played on Saturday so I figure Thomas will be back in for the Bs. [Update: It's is Rask]

Avalanche vs Bruins coverage

Stanley Cup of Chowder

Today in Colorado Avalanche History: 2003: Unknown rookie Marek Svatos injures his shoulder, requiring surgery that forces him to miss the next 78 games. He would return in time to score 6 points in the playoffs, including one really big goal against Dallas.