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Avs win, Liles hurt

The Avalanche defeated the barely-trying Maple Leafs 4-1. Clark, Tucker, Liles and Jones scored for the Avs (Jones had the game winner for the 2nd straight game). Two of the goals came on the shiny new powerplay. The Leafs were terrible (however, the Leaf fans who took part in the live thread field trip were an absolute blast).

Unfortunately, Liles left the game after taking a hard (clean) hit in the corner late in the 2nd period. He went off the ice favoring his shoulder upper body.

The Avs improve to an amazing 4-1-1 and are once again in first place in the West. Yes, really. As an added bonus, they will be ahead of the Red Wings in the standings when the two teams square off on Saturday. I should have a full recap up tomorrow.