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Game 8 Recap: Avalanche 4 - Red Wings 3 (Shootout)

Tonight's game can be summed up quite easily. Nelson, would you care to do the honors?

You need more details than that? Well, the Red Wings were cruising in this game. Justin Abkeldaber scored in the first and Todd Bertuzzi, rocking an awesome Grecian Formula beard scored on the PP early in the 2nd. At one point, the Wings were outshooting the Avs 20-6 (or something similar) and it looked like this was going to be a shitty night.

It turned out to be far from it. The Avs started to pick things up in the 2nd period and Craig Anderson made some ridiculous saves early in the 3rd as the Avs killed off a 4 minute PP. Instead of being down 3-0 (or worse), it was still 2-0 and Cody Fucking McLeod, who earlier took on douchebag Brad May in a fight, scored 5-hole on Chris Notsogood. (Yes, I have been drinking). A couple minutes later, a certain Matt Duchene tied things up with a very Sakic-esque wrist shot from the right side. The Wings took the lead back before long on a goal by Valteri Filppula but it wouldn't hold. Cody McLeod needed an assist to give him a Gordie Howe hattrick in the game, but who wants some sissy Gordie Howe hattrick? Instead, McLeod scored another goal to tie the game and, in the process, creating the Cody McLeod hattrick (two goals and one fight).

In the shootout, we didn't need Wojtek Wolski and we didn't need Jordan Leopold. We just needed Milan Hejduk and Marek Svatos to make the exact same move because Craig Anderson shut down attempts from Zetterberg and Leino to give the Avs a dramatic come-from-behind victory against the Wings. Can't say the game was great (the first two periods had me dozing...or maybe that was the booze). The 3rd period rocked, though and you have to love the result (I also really liked the Detroit fans clapping for Adam Foote as he was coming off after an early injury - classy moves from fans of a dreadful team).

This was fun.