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What is the Most Surprising Thing So Far?

So many positives about the Avalanche. I don't think very many expected the Avalanche to have the best record in the Western Conference after 8 games, despite having played just two games at home. I really shouldn't speak for anyone else here. I definitely did not think that the Avs would be doing this well (although I did mention back in July that the early road trip might be a good thing for the team).

Frankly, I'm not really sure what has surprised me the most...

Is it the fact that we've scored 3.38 goals per game, 9th best in the league, after finishing dead last (2.32) per game last year?

Is if the fact that we've allowed just 2.12 goals per game (5th best) despite giving up almost 33 shots per game (25th worst).

Is it the fact that we have the 4th best powerplay in the league and that no team has more PP goals than we do?

Perhaps it's the league's 7th best penalty kill even though many of the main killers are rookies?

Or maybe it's the fact that Radar O'Reilly seems poised to stick with the club? I mean, we knew Matt Duchene was going to stick, but not many were picking O'Reilly to do the same.

I'm not even sure what I'd pick. Probably the increase in scoring. I really thought the team was going to struggle in that area (and I still feel we're going to have a rough go of it when all is said and done).