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TSN and Avalanche Fans Know: It's Not Over

How would we here at Mile High Hockey react if a Tampa Bay Lightning blog started bad-mouthing the Avalanche organization and relentlessly criticizing Colorado players?  We'd ignore them, because who cares?  The last thing we'd do is waste our time arguing with the fans of a team we don't care about. There's no rivalry between the Lightning and the Avalanche, and you can't just make one up out of thin air.

Just as you can't create rivalries out of nothing, you can't just decide that an old, bitter rivalry is dead.  And you definitely can't claim that it's dead when you purposely act to keep that rivalry alive by going out of your way to engage the rival fans on their home territory.

I bring this up again because the Avalanche play the Red Wings again on Saturday.  And, I'd like to bring something else up, from TSN:

This rivalry will never die, even if I have to give it daily mouth-to-mouth.