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Thursday Lineup Changes

Here's a quick summary combining separate posts about changes made to the Avalanche lineup today.

  • Peter Budaj will start tomorrow against Carolina, giving Craig Anderson his first break of the season.  After nine straight games, including seven on the road, he could probably use the break.  Win or lose, there will be no goalie controversy this year.  Andy will be back in net on Saturday against Detroit.
  • Cody McLeod's eye injury will have him out at least a week.  The Avs have recalled Chris Stewart from Lake Erie after like three hours back in the AHL or something. 

In other news, even with my heavy class load this semester and lots of extra assignments (like a 25+ paper on health law), I'm going to do my best to stay more involved around here.  I miss all the great members that make this community the awesome place it is.  Kisses.

EARLY MORNING UPDATE: Last night (Oct. 22), six different teams scored five or more goals.  It struck me that it seems like teams have been scoring a lot more goals this season than last season.  So I checked.  This year, after 126 games, NHL teams have scored a total of 765 goals.  Last year, after 125 games (Oct. 27th), NHL teams had scored a total of 750 goals.  So I was wrong.  Teams have not been scoring significantly more goals than they did at the same point last season.