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Game 11 Preview: Red Wings at Avalanche


Detroit Red Wings
7:00 MT / 9:00 ET
Colorado Avalanche
3-3-2 October 24, 2009 7-1-2
8 pts
Pepsi Center
16 pts
11th in West
Denver, CO
1st in West


Here we go. Last Saturday's game may not have been blood feud caliber, but was an excellent addition to the Red Wings - Avalanche non-rivarly. The venerable Wings hit the buffet early, but then lost steam and ultimately packed it in for the night while the young whippersnappers from Denver cut circles into the lawn with with their Harleys. Okay, that may have been one of the most ridiculous analogies in the history of bad blogging analogies, but it's out and I'm not turning back now.

The Avalanche have a slew of players out: Ruslan Salei, Tom Preissing, Cody McLeod, John-Michael Liles, Peter Budaj and now Darcy Tucker. Thankfully, this is so far the only way the team resembles last year's version. On the ice, the team has looked really good, even when they don't always look so good (if that makes sense). Brian Willsie has been recalled, although I hope T.J. Hensick is the one to replace Tucker in the lineup. People may forget - he actually played pretty well in his one game this season. I'm guessing it's Craig Anderson in net.

The Wings? Meh. I don't really care. No late-game heroics from future Hall of Famer Chris Osgood tonight. He's been given some rest so that Jimmy Howard can get the nod. I'm sure it has nothing to do with Osgood's sub-Theodore save percentage. Really.

Programming note: No recap from me after the game. I'll be watching, though, and fully expect the Avalanche to kick some Red Wing ass. Feel free to use the FanPosts to roll your own recap(s) this evening. Go Avs!