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Game 12 Madlib Recap: Avs - Oilers

If you are reading this, it means something has happened to me and you should contact the authorities immediately. Actually, it likely means I fell asleep watching the game. It's been a busy week...and it's only Tuesday. But do not despair, my friends, as I am prepared. Since I suspected I might not make it to the end tonight, I prepared a madlib recap. I think you know what to do...


In tonight's game, the _____ topped the _____ by a score of _____ to _____. The Avalanche looked ____ in the game, especially _____. They started out _____ but by the end of the game they were ______. Craig Anderson started in net and was ______. The star of the game was _____, although I also thought _____ was solid.

I have to say that _____ really needs to _____ more often. We saw him _____ at several points in the game, which was ____ to see. And how about that hit on _____? Yeah, that was awesome.

What else can I say? That game was simply ______.