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Halloween Quotes And Notes

Lazy Saturday for Avalanche fans, as we try to forget last night's lackluster effort by the best team in the Western Conference.  Maybe 40 pounds of corn syrup in candy form will make us all feel better about the imminent collapse of our favorite team.

Assorted tidbits:

A couple of scary quotes from Adrian Dater's recap of the loss last night.

The Avs got a disappointing showing from the top line, with Stastny again finding it tough to find the net. Colorado's top-paid player has yet to score a goal in 10 road games this season, although he did have three assists in the previous two games.

As well as:

Another player struggling offensively for the Avs is second-line right winger Marek Svatos. He failed to get a point for the eighth straight game, and hasn't scored since Oct. 12 in Boston.

Paul Stastny I can forgive because despite his road drought, he's been super good at home.  Even if he doesn't break out of this away game funk, the Avs will get plenty of production from him as they play more home games.  Svatos, on the other hand, is all out of excuses.  He sucks this year.  I'm sure Sacco is reluctant to bench him considering the injury problems up front, but I wouldn't fault him if he did.

Speaking of Dater, I thought this post about John-Michael Liles was kind of funny.

I get a lot of requests from my female readers for more Liles video...

Down, Beachie, down.

Andy is getting tons of respect from around the league for his amazing play so far.  He's building quite a reputation for himself:

"That's how you have to beat [Craig] Anderson," Sharks coach Todd McLellan said. "You're not going to beat him on the first or second. You have to get him out of position and find the open net."

Working in Craig Anderson's favor: he's almost never out of position, even when he's flopping around on the ice.  Remember when that used to make us nervous?


Happy Halloween to everybody.  Enjoy your sugar comas.