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Mile High Mailbag

We don't get submissions for an actual Mailbag segment like the big guys, but that doesn't mean our readers don't have questions. While browsing around through some of the keyword searches that have brought folks to this site, I thought I might pick a few out and see if I can proactively answer any questions the visitor(s) might have...

song at joe sakic's finale

It was Black Eyed Peas' I Gotta Feeling. It was a good song on September 30th. It is a GREAT song now.

the VS channel blacked out because comcast bought DirecTV

Well, not exactly. More like two corporate giants don't mind screwing over their customers to get what they want. Regardless, the end result is the same.

craig anderson goalie

Yes, he sure looks like one.

is still operating

I don't know, but having me on as a guest recently couldn't have helped their long-term outlook.

red wings suck

It warms my heart to think that we are making a difference on the internet.

colorado avalanche ice girls

Have I mentioned it warms my heart to think we are making a difference on the internet?

hot pictures women naked

Sorry, we usually either pixelate their faces or put some scary Avalanche logo in front of them.

ranked among the high league

He signed with Vancouver this offseason, actually.

hates keenan

Guilty as charged.

kristin chenoweth tall


why is tyler arnason still on avs payroll 09-10?

Thankfully, he is not. However, we are still unable to answer why he was on the Avs payroll from 2006-2008.

tyler arnason

seriously, what is wrong with you?