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Mile High Mailbag

What's funner than a Rick Roll? Pretty much everything. Everything, that is, but another edition of the Mile High Mailbag. Since we don't get real letters here like the big boys, we answer imaginary questions based on real search words people used to get to this fine site.

"ben guite" mustache

Totally boss. Sadly, it has left the building.

french beauty

I'm a Sophie Marceau guy myself. Thanks for asking. Wait, you weren't talking about Huet, were you?

the moore brothers suck

Get the fuck away from our website, Todd

i hate avalanche

That goes for you too, Brad.

naked hot women

Another disappointed masturbater


He signed recently with Dinamo Riga of the KHL. And boy, you should have seen his reaction!

jim carrey beard

Her name is Jenny McCarthy

darren haydar

Unfortunately, not on the radar.

ryan oreilly nickname radar

Speaking of radar.

is a zetterberg the same as a forsberg

You're joking, right?

hi she it does

I have no idea what this means, but the first result of the search (which was in TURKISH) sends you here. The second sends you to MHH. The second result sends you to a page title "High-income women get more oral sex. Maybe." I honestly have no idea how the googles made that happen, but it makes me smile.

kyle cumiskey photo

It can be done, but I recommend a really high shutter speed. Otherwise, you're just going to get a blur.

florida panthers ice dancers

Reportedly, they are quite mesmerizing.

tj hensick hockeysfuture

Let's just say, right now, it's not so bright you gotta wear shades.

how many teeth does milan hejduk have

I truly hope whomever landed here searching for the answer to that question has decided to stay. They would fit right in.