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Puck Daddy Better Be Glad October Is Over

One thing Avalanche fans are keenly aware of is the general demeanor of Red Wings fans.  To say that they are overwhelmingly hostile and defensive is saying far too little. 

Last night the refs blew a no-goal call during a Detroit game.  It has to be one of the worst calls in recent NHL history.  Even though I love to see misfortune befall Les Ailes whenever possible, that kind of call was painful for any hockey fan to watch. 

Greg Dubs at Puck Daddy posted about the call and made it extremely clear that he, too, thought it was an atrocious fail by the officials.  However, he also included this paragraph at the end:

Beyond Detroit losing a goal, the worst thing about this situation is that it'll provide further fodder for the tin foil hat society among Wings fans (link to Excluding Zetterberg removed --Joe), who are convinced that Gary Bettman and the NHL and the Illuminati and the Stonecutters are all conspiring in some secret cabal to undermine their franchise. Because what business would want one of its most popular, ratings-driving, star-studded franchises to, you know, succeed?


Of course, with no sense of irony at all, dozens of Red Wings fans took the bait and made angry, conspiracy-laden comments to his post.

As we at MHH are aware, the second you criticize the Red Wings fan base, you've pretty much signed your own death warrant.  Puck Daddy better be glad it's already November, because his house could have been number one on the Devil's Night to-do list, if you know what I mean.

ADDENDUM: Yeah, this isn't going to help at all.  Greg just named Detroit's Game 5 loss to the Penguins in overtime during the 2008 Finals as the "Best Hockey Game of The Decade."  Sure, the Wings went on to win the Cup, but still. 

(Seriously, though, Sykora called his game-winning goal.  BAD ASS.)