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Game 23 Recap: Canucks 5 - Avalanche 2

Tonight's Top 10 List: Top 10 Ways to Ruin DDC's Evening.


1. Have a hockey game start at 10 pm eastern time

2. Make me watch that Timberland boot commercial for the 275,000th time

3. Marek Svatos, 2nd-line left winger.

4. Waste two PP goals

5. Blow a 2-goal lead for the 2nd straight game.

6. Blow a 3rd period lead for the 2nd straight game.

7. Chris Stewart: 0 shots in the last 4 games. That's an average of roughly zero per game.

8. Wondering whatever happened to that Kyle Quincey fella.

9. Give up the winning goal on a 1-on-3 breakaway.

10. Go 3-6-1 after starting the season 10-1-2.