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First Trailer Arnason Photos!

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Finally, we've got a few photos of Tyler in a Riga Dinamo uniform (something I would really enjoy picking up for my collection). Arnason was held scoreless on Monday as Riga lost 2-1 to HC MVD (or, NAMBLA for short). But we have two images of Arnason from the game. That's him wearing #15 above. Below is a photo of him dodging some flying sticks on the bench


As much as we love to poke fun of Taylor, there are some photos to share that are even cooler. According to this photo gallery, it looks like the Dinamo are rolling out their own line of food. It looks like quite a variety - soda, water, pizza, chips and some sort of meat log thingy. Seriously, the Avalanche need to do this and they need to do this now.