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Justice Is Served


I know the news has already in a couple of different threads here today, but I thought I'd throw up a quick note to consolidate any further discussion. Philadelphia's Daniel Briere was suspended for two games by the league for the above hit on Scott Hannan (thanks for the screen grab, Smoky201!). Briere will miss tomorrow night's game against the Islanders and Friday's game against the Sabres.

For what it's worth, I think 2 games is just about right. Lots have people have talked about how he left his feet and all, but frankly I think that aspect of hitting gets overplayed a bit. To me, whether he left his feet or not, that's a dirty hit; it was a cross check, it was up high and it was after the play was over.Enjoy the little R&R, Danny Boy. Next time, I hope you find a better way to take out your frustrations.