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Game 17 Preview: Blackhawks at Avalanche



Chicago Blackhawks
7:05 MT / 9:05 ET
Colorado Avalanche
8-5-1 November 6th, 2009
17 pts Pepsi Center
24 pts
9th in West
Denver, CO
t-1st in West


I have only  one hope for tonight: that the Avalanche effort this evening is nowhere near as half-assed as this preview is going to be. Because of work committments, I have to write these previews up the night before and, well, I completely forgot. And here I thought I was going to make it to bed early one night.

Here goes...

Our beloved Avalanche got back on track on Wednesday with a solid outing against the Phoenix Coyotes. There are some rumblings, however, that the Avs are letting opponents take too many liberties with our skilled players. Matt Duchene sat out practice yesterday, suffering a bit from the effects of that cheap shot by Phoenix's Martin Hanzal in front of the Avalanche bench. Someone's got to stop this crap before it gets out of hand. Duchene, by the way, is expected to play tonight. Figure on Craig Anderson in net.

Last night, the Blackhawks lost to those same Coyotes in Phoenix. Cristobal Huet started for Chicago; no word yet on whether it will be him or Antti Niemi tonight (I'll guess the latter). The Blackhawks could get a nice boost if injured forward Jonathan Towes returns to the lineup tonight. There was talk he might play against Phoenix, but that didn't happen.

For the handful of fans attending the game tonight,  Shjon Podein will be celebrated beforehand as this is the 3rd Alumni game. Congratulations, Shjon!

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