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Game 18 Recap: Oilers 5 - Avalanche 3

Final - 11.8.2009 1 2 3 Total
Edmonton Oilers 3 0 2 5
Colorado Avalanche 1 1 1 3

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This will be quick, as I've got a game of mini-golf scheduled soon. Or, if that falls through, it'll be some solo time on the driving range. Either way, better things to do.

This one's pretty easy anyway. You give up 4 PP goals in a game, you lose the game. I don't feel the PK was particularly bad, but a couple of bounces (like Stastny's nice stickwork to break up a cross-ice pass going right to the stick of a wide open Mike Comrie) is all it takes sometimes. If you take 8 minor penalties (I missed Adam Foote's misconduct penalty at the end of the game), you're going to be in trouble whether your goalie is Craig Anderson or Craig T Nelson. Also, Peter Budaj shaved his beard, so he gets some blame as well.

TJ Hensick had a decent game. In my opinion, he's gotten a bum steer this year getting bumped off the roster by guys like Chris Durno, Brian Willsie, Philippe Dupuis and David Koci (can anyone tell me why Koci has been dressed for almost every game?). I think Joe Sacco has made his point; Hensick needs to work harder. Now, lets give him an opportunity to show us.

I could talk about Duchene's miscues on two Edmonton goals or the pathetic 4 shots the Avs mustered in the 3rd period or the fact that the Avs are making a habit of playing terribly in the first 10 minutes of the games, but I'm chalking most of that up to just a bit of an off game. MHH member gl av fan summed it up rather succintly in her facebook status tonight: "Oh well. Can't win them all." Expect the Avs to be better on Wednesday.