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Colorado Players Among League Leaders

One sign that a team has a strong offense is the presence of its players among the league's individual leaders.  Last season the Avs' offense was the worst in team history, and because of that, few Avalanche players made the final leader lists at the end of the season. 

Historically speaking, Avalanche players have frequently appeared in large numbers on the league leader boards.  In 2000-01, four Colorado players finished the year among the top 50 players for points scored (Sakic, Forsberg, Hejduk, Tanguay), with three more just outside (Drury, Blake, Bourque).  Last season, not one Avalanche player appeared on the list.

Non-offensive categories like blocked shots and average time on ice feature Avalanche players this season as well.  Last year no Colorado players ranked among the top 50 in ice time, nor did anyone make the +/- leader board.  This year is a different story. 

Below is a comparison between last year's leaders and this year's current standings, separated by category.  First is the player's rank, then name, then current total in parentheses.

2008-09 2009-10
Goals t-47th  Hejduk (27) t-26th  Wolski (13)
t-29th  Hejduk (12)
t-47th   Jones (10)
Assists t-8th  Stastny (26)
t-20th  Wolski (20)
Points t-14th  Stastny (34)
t-17th  Wolski (33)
(+/-) t-11th  O'Reilly (12)
t-16th  Wolski (11)
t-33rd  Hannan (9)
t-44th  Stastny (8)
t-44th  Wilson (8)
PIM 11th  Laperriere (163) 17th  McLeod (59)
12th  McLeod (162) t-42nd  Koci (44)
ATOI 10th  Quincey (25:11)
Hits t-22nd  McLeod (194) 21st  McLeod (87)
Blocked Shots 2nd  Clark (238) 1st  Clark (108)
t-14th  Hannan (162) 7th  Hannan (76)
29th  Salei (143) t-11th  Quincey (67)
Shots t-23rd  Smyth (257)
PP Goals t-39th  Hejduk (10) t-10th  Hejduk (6)
t-39th  Smyth (10) t-38th  Duchene (4)
PP Assists t-26th  Quincey (8)
SH Goals t-1st  Jones (2)
t-12th  Duchene (1)
SH Assists t-9th  Galiardi (1)
t-9th  Foote (1)

The season is not yet half over.  If these trends continue, expect to see a major Avalanche presence on the NHL individual leader boards at the end of the year.