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Game 39 Preview: Ducks at Avalanche



Vs_medium     Matchavalanche_medium

Anaheim Ducks
8 MT / 10 ET / 3 GMT
Colorado Avalanche
14-14-7 December 22nd, 2009
35 pts Pepsi Center
48 pts
t-12th in West
Denver, CO
3rd in West


I know for most of you, the Wild own the dumbest name in hockey. For my money, it's the Ducks. The Ducks? Seriously? Am I supposed to be intimidated by a duck?

Anyway, for reasons I'm not sure I understand, tonight's game starts at 10pm here in the east coast even though the game is being played in Denver. The Avalanche have a 4 point lead on the Calgary Flames, so regardless of the outcome, the Avalanche will spend their Christmas break in the top 3.

The Avs haven't had a 3-game winning streak since October 28th. Three times since they've had 2 straight wins, only to follow that up with a dreadful game (the 5-3 loss to Edmonton, the 1-0 shutout by Minnesota and the 6-1 win by Washington). Tonight is attempt #4, and I think we're looking at a W. Why? Since 2000, the Avs are 6-1-1 in their last day before the Christmas break with the sole loss coming in 2005 (to the Wild). The Avalanche haven't gotten everything right in the last few years, but they sure know how to give us a happy holiday.

What, you thought I was going to do two negative previews in a row?

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