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A Christmas Poem


'Twas the night before Christmas
But you'll see no stars
No teams are in action
And that includes ours

The league is shut down
Today and tomorrow
We'll be back in two days
To pick on B. Morrow

The Avs have given us
A nice Christmas lift
Third place in the West?
What a beautiful gift!

Who saw that coming?
Certainly not I
I'm glad I was wrong
And that isn't a lie

Thanks to Wolski, Andy,
Hejduk, Stats and the rest
of our surprising team
perched atop the Northwest

So rest up there, fellas
in your time off from the rink
You've earned a little vacation
But when you come back: don't stink

There's lot of time left
In this marathon season
And we'd really love to see
That you haven't been teasin'

We desperately want to know
that you guys are for real
Could we make the playoffs?
Is that really the deal?

So thank you, dear Avs
It's been lots of fun
But what we REALLY desire
Is a postseason run!


From all of us here at Mile High Hockey,
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!