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Kyle Cumiskey Set to Return


Kyle Cumiskey is traveling with the club and is expected to be in the lineup tomorrow against Ottawa. Derek Peltier has been reassigned to Lake Erie, as his services as a 7th defenseman are no longer needed. Also, Marek Svatos is also due to return soon, but the real news here is Cumiskey.

The big question: who sits? Cumiskey's return will send someone to the press box. We know it won't be Kyle Quincey, Scott Hannan or Adam Foote. It's possible that Sacco dresses 7 defensemen - if the team can get by with David Koci playing 3 minutes a game, they can probably get by with just 11 forwards. But that doesn't seem like Sacco's style, nor does it seem like there's any benefit to doing so.

That would point to either John-Michael Liles, Brett Clark or Ryan Wilson sitting and it's not an easy choice. I think it might be Wilson. A couple of weeks ago, I don't think you could have taken him out of the lineup. He hasn't been as solid the last few games, though, and his decision to pinch at the wrong time nearly cost us the Minnesota game. John-Michael Liles has had an inconsistent season and his decision to pinch at the wrong time nearly cost us the Dallas game. But his play on the power play is critical, even though it's an area he's struggling at. I don't think he can sit. I'm going to guess the poll result will point to Brett Clark, but I think Clark has been better than the other two defensively lately. And lately he's been the one with the highlight reel hits, not Wilson.

Obligatory poll to follow.