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Game 30 Preview: Avalanche at Penguins


Matchavalanche_medium Vs_medium

Colorado Avalanche
5:30 MT / 7:30 ET / 12:30 GMT
Pittsburgh Penguins
15-8-6 December 2nd, 2009
35 pts Mellon Arena
38 pts
4th in West
Pittsburgh, PA
t1st in East


The Avalanche are in Pittsburgh tonight to take on the Pittsburgh Penguins. This game is not just a matchup of the upstart Avalanche against the defending Stanley Cup champs. Oh no, it's way more than that. This is a battle royale of the Dunman brothers. In one corner, we have our beloved spiritual leader, occasionally-super Joe. In the other, his poor, misguided lost soul of a brother, Jacob. Jacob is clearly the Eli to Joe's Payton. He's Yan to Joe's Peter. He's the Hanson brother that looked like a girl (that would be the Mmmbop Hansons, not the cool hockey Hansons). We feel for him.

Jacob's team is clearly in trouble. They have limped out to a dreadful 16-5-6 record and lead all teams with 66 even strength goals. They have some choad named Sydney Crosby who has an anemic 17 goals...better than all but two Avs scored all of last year. Man, I'm glad we don't have superstars like that. Amazingly, the Penguins have one of the worst PPs in the NHL this year, at least statistically. I'm not really sure how a team that good can have a PP so bad, but I'm worried they may just be looking at the perfect cure tonight - our penalty kill.

I have no idea which Avalanche team will be making the trip to Pittsburgh tonight - the capable team that was in Tampa on Monday, or the...I'm not even sure what to call what happened last night in Sunrise. At any right, I hope its the good team. We don't want that Jacob fella around all gloaty and stuff.

Happy 32nd birthday to Tom Preissing today.

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