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Game 41 Preview: Avalanche at Senators


Vs_medium       Matchsenators_medium
Colorado Avalanche
5 MT / 7 ET / 12 GMT
Ottawa Senators
22-12-6 December 30th, 2009
50 pts Scotiabank Place
44 pts
3rd in West
Kanata, ON
6th in East


The Avalanche begin a road trip that is long. How long is it? Why, it's so long that it will take them into next year! That's right, folks. Come for the hockey talk, stay for the lame jokes. Anyway, tonight the Avalanche begin a 3 game road trip that will have them go from Ottawa tonight to the lion's den (Detroit) tomorrow and then to Columbus on Saturday. Tonight's game is the final game of the first half for the Avalanche.

Many years ago, I spent some time living in the great country of Canada. I lived about 20 minutes outside of Ottawa and while it was before the Senators existed, I've always had a bit of a soft spot for the team. I even own a Sens jersey (one of the older-style models, not this new garish crap they're sportin' these days). I guess I haven't been following them too closely lately, though, because a quick glance at their roster shows a lot of names that are unfamiliar to me.

Two of the biggest names - Jason Spezza and Daniel Alfredsson - will not be on the ice, as both are on the IR with long-term injuries. The Senators are still a dangerous team, however, and the Avs can't take anything for granted (yada yada yada). The Avalanche, of course, should see Kyle Cumiskey return to the lineup. Marek Svatos is a possible return as well, but doesn't seem like quite as sure a bet.

Both teams are playing the front side of a back-to-back (Ottawa hosts the Islanders on Thursday). That may make the goalie decisions a little more interesting. Does Joe Sacco hold Craig Anderson back for the Detroit game? Does he just throw Anderson in both nights, in hope that he burns him out by the All-Star break? Inquiring minds want to know.

Go Avs.


40 GP 39
22 W 20
12 L 15
6 OT 4
50 P 44
0.625 P% 0.564
2.90 G/G 2.72
2.75 GA/G 2.87
17.8 PP% 15.6
80.5 PK% 82.1
26.0 S/G 30.3
32.4 SA/G 27.9
46.9 FO% 49.8